Write For Us Casino and iGaming

Write For Us Casino and iGaming

To all of the contributors: Guest post submissions are welcome from Modgen on topics that would not only pique our readers’ interest but also educate them on the newest trends in casino and iGaming. We strongly advise you to thoroughly review all of our content submission guidelines before you get too excited to write for us and send your pitch. 

Why Should You Write For Us?

  • Our platform is the ideal setting for you to showcase your expertise in casino and iGaming if you have a strong interest in these fields. A large audience will read your writings, which will help you become recognised as a specialist in the field.
  • We share articles to every social network that we are active on.
  • You can make connections with other writers, industry experts, and enthusiasts by contributing. Developing a network in the casino and iGaming industry can be very beneficial for collaboration and professional advancement.

Submission Guidelines To Follow While Writing:

  1. Your article must be 1000 words or more in length.
  1. Your post’s title should be intriguing.
  1. To make the content scannable, use headings (H1), subheadings (h2, h3, h4, h5), bullet points, etc. 
  1. The piece needs to be entirely unique, captivating, and original. It shouldn’t be published on the internet anywhere, either.
  1. The content shouldn’t contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  1. You may include one link to your website or blog in the post. 
  1. You are not permitted to publish your article on any other site or to repurpose it in any way after it is live on our platform. If not, your post will be removed without your permission. 
  1. Promotional content will not be permitted.
  1. The use of only pertinent, original licenced, and high-quality images is allowed. It is expected of each contributor to submit their images as individual attachments.
  1. Once the piece is written, please send a headshot, a short bio.

Where To Submit Your Article?

Sending content in an MS Word document or a Google Doc file in edit access mode is recommended. No files in PDF or other formats will be accepted.

Please email us at [sales@Medhaavi.net] your guest article about casinos and iGaming with the subject line “Write For Us Casinos and iGaming.” 

If you have any questions concerning guest postings, you can contact us using the email address that was provided earlier. 

We are eager to hear from you!

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