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You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you really like someone? And then the string of advices on how you can impress that special one. “Wait for 15 minutes before replying to their text”, “be low maintenance”, “try to hide your crazy nature as long as possible”, “lie about your age” and the list goes on.

Some dating myths may actually ruin your chances of creating that special spark with that special someone. OyeHelp Relationship Counselors discuss 5 such widespread dating myths which have no base and are completely bogus:

Myth 1: The first date is the deciding factor if it’s worth it

Fact: Don’t be too quick to judge on this one. If the first date was a failure, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. The truth is, it is impossible to know anyone just in the first meeting. So give it a second chance, don’t back out from going on a few more dates before you make up your mind.

Myth 2: A man should always make the first move

Fact: Keep waiting for him to make the first move and you may lose your chance of being together. Ladies, this is not the 18th century where you keep waiting for the man to make a move. Be confident and go ahead. May be a text, an email or even a passing smile. You should let him know that you are so into him at some point.

Myth 3: Wait for exactly three days after your first date to make contact

Fact: Things would have been different if this was ages ago. But in today’s world of social media and technology, do you really want to wait that long if you like that person? Think about it, what if this sends the wrong signal. Three days without any contact? Contact him/her whenever you feel like, there’s no hard and fast rule. It definitely doesn’t make you desperate; it just means you are confident.

Myth 4: Women are always emotional while men tend to be more practical and logical

Fact: Studies and science have in fact proved that men are more likely to be emotionally affected by relationship dramas rather than women. It’s just that they are more likely to put on a brave face. When a woman goes through a rough spot in her relationship, they have other outlets for emotional support. On the other hand, men are not very expressive and most of them confide only to their partner. Hence, men have a lot more at stake emotionally if things go wrong in a relationship.

Myth 5: If you live in together, you are better prepared for marriage

Fact: It is quite the opposite, in fact such couples have a higher divorce rate and low mental satisfaction. This is especially true for couples who live together to test their relationship. One only feels the need to test relationships when there’s something wrong with it.

The bottom line about dating is that this is neither a serious business nor a chore that you need to complete. Have a good time and be open minded about the possibilities around you.

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