10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Love
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10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Stuck on what to get the love of your life this V-Day? Don’t worry – we have you covered! From timeless classics and throwbacks made fresh to unique and thoughtful presents, there are tons of sweet, fun and sentimental presents you can bestow this year. Below, we gathered 10 romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that your partner is sure to love. 

#1 A Stuffed Animal to Cuddle When You’re Away

While adopting a pet is one of the first big steps in a serious relationship, it’s not for everyone, especially those who travel or have allergies. Instead, give your partner a puppy stuffed animal that offers a soft cuddle without the commitment and training. Present a partner with a gift bundle, including a soft stuffie of their favorite animal with an adorable outfit, coordinating socks and other accessories. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face. A stuffed animal care package is also a perfect present for long-distance relationships, too. 

#2 A Couple’s Photo Session

If you don’t have any decent photos of the two of you, then it’s time to make some! Hire a professional photographer or even bribe a friend who’s learning a few camera skills for a couple’s photo session. Have them capture you together at the place where you first met or at a scenery that you both love. This way, you have an entire collection of photos to share with family and friends. Why wait for engagement photos? On the flip side, even if you and your partner are married with kids, let’s be honest — when was the last time you had photos of just the two of you?

#3 Breakfast in Bed — A Timeless Classic

Breakfast in bed is always a nice Valentine’s Day gift to wake up to. So brew that fresh pour-over of coffee, mix that mimosa and flip those heart-shaped pancakes. Yes, even if you lack cooking skills, you can make a delicious bedside breakfast. Just skip the made-from-scratch and stick to a simple premade pancake recipe that only requires water or eggs. Even if you wake up and decide to present them with a last-minute breakfast in bed, you can head to the nearest diner, bagel shop or bakery for whatever they might be craving. 

#4 A Sensual Full Body or Foot Massage

Does your partner stay on their feet all day, work long shifts or wrangle the kids? Then treat them to an at-home massage from their head to their toes. You don’t need a fancy massage table, although that makes a perfect addition to this romantic Valentine’s Day gift. All you need is a bottle of oil or lotion, a relaxing playlist of ambient music and a sensual gentle yet firm touch. Brush up on a few techniques to guide your hands and it will have them sighing with “oohs” and “aahs.”

#5 Adorable Matching Pajamas

If you’re a couple who does everything together — hobbies, fashion, you name it — then get them (and yourself) a pair of matching pajamas. Since Valentine’s Day is still a bit chilly in certain parts of the country, stick to a warm and cozy material like jersey or flannel. Silk pajamas also offer a sexy touch, too. Boxers, briefs, button ups and loose loungers or leggings. There are all kinds of styles to choose from. Buy matching pajamas in a gray flannel or a charming pattern that you both lounge in as you Netflix and chill. 

#6 An Illustration of the Constellations

Your love was written in the stars. So prove it to them with an illustration or graphic image of how the stars were aligned during a special moment you shared together. Whether it was the moment you met, a first date or even your wedding day, this makes a romantic Valentine’s Day gift they are sure to love. Browse online shops like Etsy to find all kinds of artisans who will research and design a piece of constellation artwork that they can hang on the wall. 

#7 A Couple’s Board Game

Want to get to know your partner better? Then go head-to-head and toe-to-toe in a competitive board game. A two-player board game can provide hours of entertainment and fun, but a couple’s board game can make you learn about each other’s quirks and character, deepening your relationship. Been together long enough that you already know everything about each other? Then choose a board game that’s just for the bedroom to shake things up. Wink, wink. 

#8 A Playlist of Sentimental Songs

Do you get a little misty-eyed when a special song comes on? Or maybe you have a few that remind you of your partner, through and through? Then create a personalized playlist of all of them. Affordable and sappy as it may seem, a playlist of love ballads by your favorite musician and bands is one they will find super romantic. Pair this V-Day gift with a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones so they can listen anywhere, too. 

#9 A Locket Pendant

While you can get your S.O. any kind of jewelry, from a promise ring to a pair of diamond studs, we suggest something more sentimental: a locket pendant. We know what you’re thinking, but locket pendants aren’t just for Grannies. Locket necklaces have come full circle and are trending once again. Whether you buy secondhand vintage or buy a modern version of a locket, fill the inside with a photo of the two of you. Have you and your partner been married for years and have kids? Choose a pendant with spaces for each of their photos. One thing’s for sure — it is a touching jewelry piece that they will forever keep close to their hearts. 

#10 A Virtual Dance Lesson

If you tend to be a wallflower or have two left feet, then surprise them with a virtual dance lesson. Sign up for online classes or simply watch a few YouTube videos together. While it’s not a physical gift, it shows your partner a level of commitment in your relationship. And if you’re married, it shows you can still learn a trick or two to keep the romance alive. 

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