Sex Write For Us – Submit A Guest Post 

Do you have expertise in sex and are well-versed in sex and intimacy? If yes, then you are welcome to contribute a guest post on sex to our website. We are constantly adding relevant and popular content to our website in an effort to draw in our readers, and we have the potential to attract more visitors. Our target audience is sizable, and we want them to be more well-informed about sex. Therefore, if you would like to write for us, please make sure that your piece completely follows our submission guidelines.  

Benefits To Write For Modgen?

Modgen is an excellent place to share your knowledge. Writing about sex gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, viewpoint, and skills of human sexuality with a global readership. We regularly update our blog with new perspectives on the newest trends. Contributing to Modgen exposes you to our blog readers and allows you to use your author bio at the end of the piece to promote your own blog, Twitter, or other social media accounts. 

Submission Guidelines (Contributors Guidelines)

  • Articles must have a minimum word count of 1000. Nothing less than that will be accepted. That should only be about sex. 
  • The length of the article title cannot exceed 70 characters.
  • The article has to be written in English. We are unable to accept any promotional content.
  • The article must be completely original, captivating, and unique. Additionally, it should not be posted anywhere on the internet.
  • Use headings (H1), subheadings (h2, h3, h4, h5), bullet points, etc. to make the content scannable. 
  • It is permitted to use only relevant, original, licenced, and high-quality images. Every contributor is expected to send in the images as separate attachments.
  • The content needs to be easily readable and free of grammatical errors. 
  • Once you have submitted your article, please check it for plagiarism.
  • After submitting your article to us, you are not permitted to send it to other websites.
  • Your website link and a short author bio should be included at the end of your post.

Procedure Of Publication: 

  • Your submission will undergo a comprehensive review by our editorial team to ensure that it is unique, well-written, and easy for our readers to understand.
  • You will receive confirmation of your submitted guest post within a few days if it complies with our submission guidelines.
  • We’ll share the article on our social media platforms as soon as it is published successfully. The guidelines prohibit you from republishing the article on any platform or elsewhere.
  • The editors of Modgen have the right to make any changes, corrections, or deletions they deem necessary.

How To Submit Your Content To Us?

It’s a pretty easy process. We accept submissions via email at [], with a proper subject line. Google documents or MS Word documents are preferred. 

Thank you for your interest in writing for Modgen.