Bro Code — Here’s Everything You Need To know
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Bro Code — Here’s Everything You Need To know

The “bro code” is something that every guy and man should adhere to. Men do adore women because they make them feel good, but when it comes to friendships, only a man’s guy buddies can truly understand him. For this reason, every guy out there needs to know the bro-code inside and out. The Bro-Code is a set of unspoken rules that all men who are friends with one another must agree to adhere to. Let’s look at what it means by “bro code” in more detail as well as some of the rules of bro code that you need to know. Let’s dive into it! 

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What Is Bro Code?

What Is Bro Code?

The bro code is a set of guidelines for male friendship etiquette. Any group of male friends must abide by a set of not stated guidelines in order to maintain their relationships’ stability and firmness. In a social setting, males are governed by what is fittingly called friendship etiquette. All the guys in their group adhere to the bro code, and any violation is seen as a betrayal. There are numerous cases online of men getting expelled out of primarily male friendship groups or social circles for breaking the code.

Bro Code Rules List-

1. You must always respect your brother’s home, his parents, his girlfriend, and his car.

2. You know absolutely nothing if his girlfriend inquires about his whereabouts. Don’t tell where he is, hang up, and alert him.

3. Always have your brother’s back. If you can’t look out for him, then you are no friend.

4. Never, under any circumstances, should you leave your bro alone. You are not going to let him walk farther than three blocks, no matter how badly you want to get taken.

5. To make your bro appear heroic in front of others, you would do whatever it took. 

6. You must never disclose the bro code to a girl, even if she joins the bro group. You can treat her as one of your own, but you shouldn’t reveal any rules until she has earned your complete trust. You never know—she might be an undercover agent. 

7. The bro code only allows a girl to become the new bro provided she proves the honor and, of course, by mutual concession.

8. Anything a bro does while drunk is OK. He is forgiven of everything. You must always provide excuses for him because he will do the same when called upon.

9. A bro must never permit another bro to text a girl while they are drunk. Until the bro regains sense, the phone must be in the care of a sober person in case his girlfriend calls while he is drunk.

10. You are the guardian of your bro’s girlfriend when he isn’t around. To keep her safe, you must ride her wherever she desires.

11. Never sleep with a bro’s ex-girlfriend. You must ask your bro’s permission before making a move on his ex-girlfriend if you find yourself drawn to her. You must obey his instructions if he asks you to stay away from her.

12. You must never rub it in a bro’s face if you date his ex, of course with his permission. Don’t forget that the girl chose to date you; it has nothing to do with the fact that you are a greater charmer than your bro.

13. The bro code requires you to help your bro if he is in need. He must never go without food or a place to live.

14. A bro never worries about failing.

15. A bro simply picks a different path; he doesn’t become lost.

16. A bro never puts his hand on another bro’s waist.

17. Bros should not talk to non-Bros about the events of a bachelor party or weekend.

18. Bros never poke fun at other bros.

19. Regardless of any potential shitstorm that might develop, you must notify your brother right away if you see his girlfriend cheating.

20. There is “bro to bro confidentiality” in place for all communications between brothers.

21. When a bro gets too drunk, other bros take care of them.

22. The silent treatment is never used by a bro on another bro.

23. A Bro will never take offense if another Bro doesn’t promptly respond to a call, text, or email.

24. Until he is at least thirty, a Bro does not permit another Bro to be married.

25. Embrace your bromance. Shoot her if anyone, especially a girl, shows contempt for it. They are merely envious as they will never understand what it means to be a part of a bro code. 

26. A bro must never permit another bro to get the name of his girlfriend tattoo design

27. A bro will never screen on facetime, skype, or any other form of visual communication while taking dump.

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