How to turn on Sapiosexual people

How to turn on Sapiosexual people

Sapiosexuality refers to being attracted to someone more for their thoughts than for their outward appearance is a form of. Before feeling sexually attracted to another person, a sapiosexual person needs to have their mind stimulated.

Consider your dream partner. Do you imagine a 10/10 beauty right away or do you hunger at the thought of a sharp mind? Do you give thought to the conversations you’ll have with this person? What fields do they specialize in? If you fit that description, you might be sapiosexual.

What does Sapiosexuality mean?

Being a sapiosexual involves being sexually attracted to intelligent people to an extent. It is a situation where you place a premium on intelligence in a partner. It’s a relatively new phrase that has become more well-known recently. Sapiosexual individuals might be LGBTQ+ or heterosexual.

On the other hand, some people who identify as sapiosexual do so to affirm a sexual identity. It is different from traditional binary distinctions like heterosexual/homosexual and male/female. This seems that younger people who engage in digital activities more commonly employ this tactic. There is debate on the particulars of sapiosexuality. Some people refer to it as a sexual inclination or sexuality; some dating websites even let users identify as sapiosexual. Others contend that attempting to identify as queer while belonging to a group that is not marginalized; in the same manner as other sexual orientations are wrong.

Some people view sapiosexuality as a craving, especially for intellect. Others think it fits in between the obsession and orientation classifications. The ultimate meaning of a phrase depends on the intent of the person using it. It could refer to anything from a general preference for clever partners to a variety of pansexuality. In this, gender is irrelevant and intelligence is valued above all else.

Understanding of sapiosexuality

For sapiosexuals, another person’s mentality is a particularly attractive quality. Intellect stimulates sexual desire. Let’s look at what it means to be sapiosexual.

  • Everything Starts in the brain

Since attraction is focused on the intellect or how a person’s mind functions. Sapiosexual people do not experience attraction until their mind is engaged by a potential partner. There can be no lust, liking, wanting, or sexual fulfillment without first engaging the brain on an intellectual level.

  • Any person can be a sapiosexual

Sapiosexuality is unrestrained, in contrast to gender-specific restrictions. Any person, including men, women, transgender, bisexual, and other individuals, can be liked, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. If you want to, you can look for attractive people. In contrast to heterosexuals, sapiosexuals are drawn to and focus more on a person’s inner ideas.

  • Sexuality is a concept that is fading

Sapiosexuals are more concerned with their potential mate’s brains than their attractiveness when they are looking for a partner. This suggests that physical qualities like size, form, or facial characteristics are incidental.

Because intelligence is valued more highly than looks; sapiosexuals may be more likely to communicate their attraction to others in non-beautiful ways.

Is sapiosexual a sexual orientation?

Sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation in terms of your sexual preferences. The phrase describes “one component of how pleasure and desire happen to sense for you.” (For instance, if you find that you are drawn to persons of the same gender as you. Or may you find that clever people make you feel hot; you might be gay and sapiosexual.)

Not all intelligent people immediately appeal to sapiosexuals. There’s a chance that you still value other levels of interests and identities. This does not mean that just because someone is bright, you should consider them as a potential spouse.


Sapiosexuality is a relatively new idea, hence there are some questions about it. Some claim that it is more of an attraction than an actual orientation. However, those who identify as sapiosexual imply that intelligence is more than just a quality they look for in a mate; it is the primary factor in attracting them. As some people might be drawn to a beautiful body or face.

Others have argued that sapiosexuality is both discriminatory and arrogant. The emphasis on intellect diminishes the value of persons who could be disabled or have limited access to formal education. Since it implies that people’s attraction is based on their intellectual abilities. Additionally, it favors Western-centric measures of intellect over various subtypes of intelligence and open-mindedness.

Signs of a sapiosexual person

It is believed that intelligence draws people to oneself. The X factors that make people drawn toward one another are intelligence and comprehension. Keep a close eye on the advice below if you are dating a sapiosexual or, even better. If you are one yourself. It will help you make decisions.

  1. The person avoids informal conversation like the grave. Ever considered the desires of a sapiosexual? Well, sensible conversations do. Therefore, it is very likely that your partner values intelligence and insight over simply having a good time; if they frequently inspire you to think more thoroughly about things you typically don’t.
  2. Sapiosexuals also like a challenge. That is to say, it doesn’t matter how you look or how your hair is styled for a dinner date. But as long as you can maintain their interest, they will stick around.
  3. Sapiosexuals are great companions. Their primary goal is to advance. They typically tend to learn a great deal from others in the process. It may not be easy to be around someone who is intellectually stimulated. But if you find yourself in a similar circumstance, it may be worthwhile.
  4. It all started as an old friendship. You didn’t start dating right away. The affair was the result of a long-standing relationship and deep knowledge of your partner. Similar to the above, if your partner showed an increasing amount of interest over time, your intelligence likely is. A non-superficial quality—was what drew them to you.
  5. Have you ever had someone compliment your logic? Or did any of your partners have a similar experience with you? Sapiosexuals naturally gravitate toward people who are more perceptive and intelligent. If others constantly tell you that you are more than just a great face or a hot physique; it means there’s a strong chance that your brains have gained you acclaim.
  6. While brilliance is frequently brought up while discussing sapiosexual relationships. It is crucial to remember that a sapiosexual man or woman will also be drawn to modesty. They are drawn to thoughtful individuals who are kind, sympathetic and have a greater understanding of other people.
  7. They are good at communicating. If you regularly find yourself smiling at how well your partner has written a text, you may be sapiosexual. The same is true for a sapiosexual partner who enjoys clever remarks, perceptive ideas, and perceptive reactions.

How to turn on a Sapiosexual

Being smart may not always help you when dating. The two most frequently used selling points are a healthy bank account and a fit physique. But to get a sapiosexual’s attention, you need more than that. Only sapiosexuals—those who find beauty in intelligence—are desired by some people. So, if your heart aches for one, you are exactly where you need to be.

Your approach to seduction will need to be dramatically changed. So, allow me to demonstrate how to turn on a sapiosexual:

  • Use topics for conversation about sapiosexual

Sapiosexuals respond differently to conversation openers. They need something much deeper than you before they will pay attention to you. A riddle is an effective icebreaker that will capture their attention. The alternative is to frequently employ sapiosexual sayings, which are likely appealing to these individuals. Instead of saying “nite” while wishing a sapiosexual good night; you may use a sentence like “love is the union of two hearts that have always craved for each other.”

Remember that some sapiosexuals could find stimulating conversation more attractive than sexual connection. However, there is enough physical affection for everyone to enjoy the person they are drawn to. Learn the right questions to ask a sapiosexual to stimulate their interest in a romantic relationship while we’re at it.

  • Have Patience

Depending on their sexual preferences and other traits, sapiosexuals can take many different shapes. But they always seem to favor people who are a little bit more patient. As you can see, the more you learn about someone, the more exciting they look. A sapiosexual cannot resist such a person. They are excited by people who seem to become more attractive with time.

It makes no difference if you’re attempting to figure out how to turn on a sapiosexual man or woman. It would be quite advantageous to stick around for a while so they can see how amusing you can be.

  • Open Up

It may seem that the best way to turn on a sapiosexual is to be formal and quiet. But this is not the case. Contrary to common opinion, opposites do attract—but only to a certain amount. So, let’s lose. If you can dance, let your sapiosexual partner know. If you like singing, let them see how much you appreciate it. Don’t try to hide things that you think make you look silly if you want to impress your love interest. Challenge them by demonstrating that you can be exceptionally intellectual without the characteristics. It generally characterizes brilliant people, such as having an introverted demeanor.

  • Ensure your grammar

A sapiosexual is readily switched off. Poor language, for instance, can turn people off. On the bright side, if you just avoid making common grammar mistakes, a sapiosexual may find you attractive. Even anything as straightforward as correctly pronouncing et cetera can result in a major turn-on. Because sapiosexuals tend to be intellectual people, they may recognize remarkable intelligence in others.

They will find your communication with them to be much more engaging if you fix your punctuation and grammar. Even when texting, teach yourself good language usage. Make an effort to ensure that your communications flow, is clear, and use the appropriate vocabulary. Capitalize proper nouns. Sapiosexuals watch out for these things while discussing potential partners.

Knowledge is valued by true sapiosexuals in all of its forms and for its own sake. If you are well-versed in any field, a sapiosexual will be drawn to you. Sapiosexuals don’t put up with persons who consistently misuse grammar.

  • Showcase Your Intelligence in Other Ways

Yes, sapiosexuals have a passion for learning. To engage someone, though, you don’t necessarily have to wax lyrical about your favorite book.

Sapiosexuals are fascinated by knowledge in all of its forms, as was previously stated. As a result, in addition to your academic knowledge, you can educate them on new sorts of information. Show them your excellent emotional intelligence. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly fine to admit when you don’t know anything. Not to a sapiosexual, for sure.

It simply shows that you have enough faith in the knowledge you already have about a given subject. In other words, have faith in your ability to impart the knowledge you do have. The sapiosexual will never be interested in you again; if you try to pass off a certain kind of competence and eventually give up the rouse.

Best Places to Meet Sapiosexual People

Even though figuring out your sapiosexuality is not hard; finding people who share your opinions is not always easy. However, if you’re seeking people who appreciate having in-depth conversations and learning new things, stay reading for some location possibilities. Most people find that clubs, pubs, lounges, concerts, and athletic events are the ideal places to meet single people.

  • Throughout the library

There is no better place to meet someone who will challenge your thinking than a library. You two can pick out a few books, find a comfortable spot, and get to know one another. But what is the best thing? It’s unpaid!

  • Online

Online, there are many alternatives for meeting individuals. You may, for instance, attempt online dating, make new friends on social media or take lessons. There are also meet-up groups where you may participate in activities with people who share your interests. There are even websites created specifically for these people. Online, there are countless alternatives!

  • Getting Better at Your Favorite Activity

Meet new people while participating in your hobbies and favorite leisure activities. It is one of the best ways to find like-minded individuals. If you want to find your perfect match, you should go where pleasure is flowing abundantly. If you’re seeking for a new relationship; the spa, hair salons, nail salons, yoga studios, museums, art galleries, plays, and concert venues are great places to look for other singles. Sapiosexual persons usually love isolation and pampering.

  • In your favorite restaurant

Do you have any dating experiences with yourself? Here are some justifications for why you ought to if you haven’t already. In addition, there is no line-up. People are drawn to those who are confident enough to ask themselves out on a date. If you go alone, you might meet another single person who likes your favorite restaurant. You two may then sit down and talk about why you both enjoy it so much. A fantastic method to make new friends is to share a love of cooking.

Why is sapiosexuality different from demisexuality?

Then, what separates sapiosexuality from demisexuality? Contrary to sapiosexuality, which is focused on intellectual attraction; demisexuality emphasizes the need to establish an emotional bond with someone before becoming sexually or passionately attracted to them.

A sapiosexual person may become attracted to another person immediately away; if they find their thoughts, ideas, or discourse to be intellectually stimulating. A demisexual person, on the other hand, has to get to know the other person better. They try to form an emotional connection before they might be attracted to them.

How Does Sapiosexuality Affect Relationships?

If you or your partner is sapiosexual, you might notice some of the following effects on how you two interact with one another in your relationships: 

Because attraction is based on intellectual stimulation. It will be essential to your relationship that you both partake in mentally stimulating activities. You might speak differently. It could put stress on your relationship: Studies show that people who identify as sapiosexual are more drawn to people with IQs above the national average. The other person can feel under pressure, as a result, to live up to your standards.

Tips to date a Sapiosexual person

While some sapiosexuals are only drawn to intellectual individuals. Others think that intelligence is one of the most desirable traits in a potential partner.

If this is you and you’re seeking a partner who shares your ideals. Try trying some of the flirting and dating techniques that sapiosexuals need. Whom you run into might surprise you.

  • Focus on Your Hobbies and Interests

We gravitate toward who we are. So, if you’re seeking an intellectual partner, ensure you’re engaged in intellectual activities and interests that excite you. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, and play an instrument. “When we engage in our interests, we develop as people are satisfied with our lives. We create an aura that will attract companions who share our interests.”

  • Avoid the small talk

Whether you’re talking to someone over coffee or contacting them on a dating app; try to avoid starting a conversation with small talk as soon as you can. Instead, of talking about the weather or your “case of the Mondays,” get right to the subject. This will be the best way to “assess their interests and hobbies and whether it’s a match for you.”

Want some motivation? Ask them who their favorite authors, directors, and topical areas are. If you connect on a personal level in addition to academically; the conversation will advance if you provide some personal facts about yourself and ask some personal questions.

  • Ask Critical Questions

Even though it might seem obvious, knowledge is essential to “ensure your discourse is enjoyable and challenging.”

Don’t be frightened to give intelligence priority once more. Intelligent partners provide us with fresh challenges and raise the planet’s thrill and energy. The novelty and excitement that comes with discovering and attempting new things contribute to closer connections.

  • Maintain the conversation

If you want to demonstrate your sapiosexuality without saying it out loud; show that you’re interested in having the conversation continue. By asking someone when they first became interested in something intellectually, or what feature of it most interests them; you might learn more about their interest in that endeavor.

If the conversation goes well, you might have found your match. If not, I’m sorry; you won’t want to accept that you’re too dim to care about anyone. However, a more general statement like “I just don’t believe we’re a match” is also acceptable. Never feel bad for like anything because that’s what we all do!

Bottom Line

Sapiosexuals may define their sexual orientation differently depending on the individual. But they want to be drawn to what they consider to be your most attractive attribute: your mind. Realizing that conventional seduction methods don’t work on sapiosexual people. It is the first step in understanding how to turn on someone you’re dating.

Using your mind rather than your body is the key to turning on a sapiosexual. Like most people, sapiosexuals place a high value on appearance, but it is not what makes them happy. You now have complete knowledge of a sapiosexual person. You now recognize the requirements for turning on a sapiosexual. They do prioritize knowledge as their main goal. It’s not necessary to demonstrate it by reading extended sections from Shakespearean plays, though. By convincing a sapiosexual that intelligence can manifest itself in a variety of ways, you can turn them on.

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