How Often Do Indian Women Masturbate?

How Often Do Indian Women Masturbate?

Indian women don’t talk about masturbating. But according to AOI Female Masturbation Survey, 32% of Indian women masturbate every day.

As a matter of fact more and more Indian women are exploring their sexuality on adult video chat sites as well these days.


A whopping 58% of Indian women masturbate to pictures (e.g. porn), 32% get pleasure from words (e.g. erotic books), and 10% have other preferences.

The Means

  • 14% of Indian women use their fingers, 24% like the feeling of water and jet sprays and 17% use vibrators.
  • The majority — 54% — would rather use domestic objects at home including vegetables.

What percentage of women all over the world watch porn?


Per cent of urban millennials watch porn.


Of rural women watch porn.


Of these women watch porn three to four times a month.

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