6 Outfits Guys Find Attractive

6 Outfits Guys Find Attractive

Catching a guy’s eye isn’t as difficult as you might think! Here are just some of the outfits that men find universally attractive. Any one of these outfits in the right situation might just get you the first date with an awesome guy!

Little Black Dress

First up, we have a little black dress. We have to include the iconic dressed-up fashion that women everywhere love! Turns out that men find the little black dress just as irresistible. These dresses come in a variety of styles, from different lengths to strapless variations, longer sleeves, and more. Choose the little black dress that is personalized for your unique style.

No matter how you choose to style it, the little black dress has three main features: the dress must be black, it must be shorter (the longest it should be is at your knee), and it must be form-fitting. Other than that, you can choose whatever you’d like to dress it up or down.

Casual Cutie

Dressing up is always attractive but dressing down can be attractive as well! Some men find casual looks attractive. A completely comfortable, happy woman can be extremely appealing! One of the best ways to achieve this look is to rock some yoga pants or black leggings, sneakers, and a well-fitting hoodie. Choose a cropped hoodie if you’re comfortable with it for even more appeal!

When going casual, choose a messy bun or free-flowing waves for your hair. Both options can keep the guys in your life hooked, especially if they’re used to seeing your perfectly put together!

Anything Red

Red is an eye-catching color. It’s a sensual color, and guys can’t look away! Choose a red jacket, red blouse, or even just red lipstick to draw their eye. Use only red accents or a single red accessory to draw the eye. Too much red (such as a cranberry dress with a scarlet blazer) tends to have the opposite effect.

Still, use this to your advantage. A simple long-wearing red lipstick can be a great addition to your classy outfit, while a red purse can bring a sense of style to your all-black look. 

Short Dresses and High Heels

Of course, men are drawn to shorter dresses, make sure to keep them somewhat decent. You don’t want to be seen as provocative or trashy! However, a dress that comes just above the knee and a pair of stilettos or stand-out high heels make a perfect pair.

A high-collared dress with an open back would be great with a pair of strappy heels, for instance. Mix up the formula to match your style! This look will never fail to draw the male gaze.


Sundresses are a summer staple, and they drive some men wild! Sundresses are usually made of thin, flowing material to keep you cool on those long summer days. They have a tight midsection with a low cut collar, and flowing fabric sleeves (if there are sleeves at all) are essential.

You can choose to wear shorter sundress or a longer one. There are a variety of prints and colors to choose from, but floral prints are the standard. Change it up with some strappy sandals and a coordinated straw hat to make a statement!

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are a great, simple way to go. This is especially effective when it’s their shirt you’re wearing! Whether it’s a button-up or T-shirt, your man won’t be able to stop looking at you when you’re wearing his shirt.

Alternatively, choose flowing fabrics and soft colors for your oversized t-shirts. Make sure they drape perfectly to show off your figure when you move. For example, a light blue button-up tucked into your shorts is a good place to start. A T-shirt tied at the small of your back is also a good look! 


Each guy will have different preferences, and of course, no two men are the same. However, with these tips, you can get started on an outfit that will make men look your way. Personalize and accessorize to the best of your ability to create a look that you can rock when you know that all eyes are on you!

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