Perks of Dating Indian Women

Perks of Dating Indian Women

We bring you seven lesser-known advantages of dating Indian women. #sorelatable

  1. You’ll be dating a drama queen

Don’t get worked up if your girlfriend suddenly breaks out into an impromptu romantic song or a dramatic dialogue – it’s in the genes. With that being said, Indian women know there’s never time for a dull moment in a relationship.

  1. HUGE family

Aunts, uncles, cousins, more relatives (and some more). Dating an Indian women means dating her entire family. Yes, they’re incredibly conservative but are also very loving.

  1. You’ll be eating like a pig

Because Indian women have been taught that the only way to please her man is by feeding him good food. She will know the best restaurants and street-food vendors. Also, she will have the appetite and taste buds of a champion.

P.S: They are also fantastic cooks.

  1. She will help you save money

It’s a universal fact that bargaining with Indian women is useless. She will help you find fab knock-offs and deals to help your Burberry obsession.

  1. You’ll be introduced to amazing festivals

We have festivals every month; Holi and Diwali being the most important ones. You’ll be flinging colours in other people’s faces and watching fireworks for three nights straight. Now, isn’t that fun?

  1. You get to experience the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’

Our wedding ceremonies last longer than most English weddings. LOL. If there’s one thing that Indians are great at,  it’s arranging kick-ass wedding celebrations.

  1. Kamasutra originated here


Treat your woman right and you’ll be shocked by her amazing moves that will make you lose your mind.

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