How Much Does Music Impact One’s Sex Life?
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How Much Does Music Impact One’s Sex Life?

Does music impact one’s sex life?

Yes, it does. Here are a few fun facts about music and sex:


Say it improves sex.


Say it makes them more aroused.


Say it makes things less awkward.

Looking for the ideal genre? Take this quiz and find out.

A. What is your idea of a perfect date?

  1. Going to a fun crowded bar
  2. A quiet, romantic dinner in a cafe
  3. A moonlight walk on a secluded beach with plenty of physical contact

B. How do you like to have sex?

  1. I like it fun and playful between the sheets
  2. I like it old-world and romantic
  3. I like it steamy, sexy and raunchy

C. What is more important for you in a partner?

  1. Friendship and camaraderie
  2. Meeting at an emotional wavelength
  3. Physical and intellectual stimulation

D. Would you want to engage in a role play?

  1. Depends on the situation
  2. Probably not
  3. Definitely

E. What is the perfect after-sex activity?

  1. Lounging in bed and catching a rom-com
  2. Spooning and saying sweet nothings to each other
  3. Drawing up a hot bubble bath to enjoy, or getting into the shower together

F. How do text messages to your partner sound?

  1. Flirtatious
  2. Romantic and filled with poetry
  3. Suggestive and naughty

Mostly 1s: Pop music

Pop music makes sex fun and exciting since that’s the kind of vibe you seem to share with your partner.

But don’t think of Michael Jackson — instead pick Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, or Destiny’s Child which temper pop music beats to make them conducive to have sex.

Closer home, turn to the slower and more romantic IndiePop beats of the ’90s.

Mostly 2s: Country music

Faith Hill’s Breathe and You’re still the one by Shania Twain are a few romantic songs you can pick to listen to while you’re with your partner.

If you’re into Bollywood music, choose romantic slow-paced numbers by Arijit Singh or Shreya Ghoshal.

Mostly 3s: Instrumental, blues or jazz

If you’re into steamy sex, music may be a hindrance, and you’d like to make all the interesting noises yourself.

In this case, it is the best to stick to soft jazz or blues played at a very low volume or vintage Bollywood instrumental music.

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